Month: December 2021

One or multiple heritages? A walking seminar through Goričko and Porabje

An autumn landscape filled with falling leaves. The vast hills of Goričko merging seamlessly into Porabje. On the first day of our fourth walking seminar, an exploratory hike through Goričko and Porabje, we started along the Slovenian-Austrian-Hungarian tri-border, observing how the same historical events can be labelled and understood differently. In the light of understanding…
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14. 12. 2021 0

»Memorial drama« at the Chinese periphery: Difficult heritage as a consequence of entangled mobilities between Japan and China

One of the important contributions of critical heritage studies is the realisation that heritage is always contested – for every event, for every ‘past’, no matter how distant, there is no single story or interpretation, but rather new and alternative explanations. As a result, for every group claiming an ‘inheritance’, there is ‘disinheritance’ by another…
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13. 12. 2021 0