Author: Marjeta Pisk

Symposium Multilinguality in folklore/Večjezičnost v folklori

On 1 and 2 October 2020, the Institute of Ethnomusicology of ZRC SAZU organized an international scientific conference entitled Večjezičnost v folklori/ Multilinguality in Folklore, which, due to the current situation, was held simultaneously online and in the Prešeren Hall of the ZRC SAZU. The symposium was divided into three interwoven thematic panel discussions. Among…
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05. 10. 2020 0

Heritagization of the Treaty of Trianon

The twentieth century was a blossoming century for heritage organisations, labelling and designating “heritage,” cataloguing and categorising on lists and registers. The erection of monuments was also included in this widespread interest in the past within official heritage discourse. Those in the form of statues and monuments are an extremely important visual medium, which has…
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18. 09. 2020 0