Month: May 2023

Sečovlje salt pans: heritagisation of culture or nature?

Introduction The landscape of the Sečovlje salt pans was studied through literature, films, videos, volunteer work and in-depth visits. This paper highlights the uncoordinated activity between the actors or managers of (new) nature and culture and encourage their integration. In the case of the Sečovlje salt pans, there are two main actors: the Sečovlje Salina…
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12. 05. 2023 0

Walking seminar: the valley of the rivers Dragonja and Rižana in Istria

Between March 30 and April 1, 2023, a three-day international walking seminar was held in Istria, in the valleys of the Dragonja and Rižana rivers, as part of the project Route biographies: walking and writing as methods for researching border regions (ARRS, J6-4611). Twelve participants took part. Ten participants from the Research Centre of the…
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11. 05. 2023 0

Route Biographies

International seminar On 29 March 2023, an international seminar “Route biographies” was held in the framework of the project “Route biographies: walking and writing as methods for researching border regions” (ARRS, J6-4611). An introduction of the project by project leader Nataša Rogelja Caf was followed by a keynote lecture “Walking seminars – embodied research in…
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04. 05. 2023 0

Photography exhibition by France Stele in Udine

On May 5 2023 at 11 a.m., the opening of France Stele’s photographic exhibition about the Ukve/Ugovizza Alpine pastures will take place in the Friuli Ethnographic Museum (Museo etnografico del Friuli) in Udine. The photographs, recorded on black and white film, show images of a past life when during the summer the inhabitants from the…
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