Author: Nataša Rogelja Caf

Route Biographies

International seminar On 29 March 2023, an international seminar “Route biographies” was held in the framework of the project “Route biographies: walking and writing as methods for researching border regions” (ARRS, J6-4611). An introduction of the project by project leader Nataša Rogelja Caf was followed by a keynote lecture “Walking seminars – embodied research in…
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04. 05. 2023 0

Symposium “Experiencing Climate and Environmental Changes in and Beyond Europe”

The Experiencing Climate and Environmental Changes in and Beyond Europe symposium took place from May 5th – 7th in ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana, Slovenia and was organised by Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) and Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. The symposium explored how environmental and climate changes and…
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23. 05. 2022 0

Maritime pilgrimage

As part of the international research visits organized by the program group ZRC SAZU “Heritage on the Margins”, a lecture by dr. Karmen Turčinov from the University of Zadar was given on the 22nd of September 2021 on the topic of maritime pilgrimages in the Kornati islands entitled “Maritime pilgrimage to Our Lady of Tarca”.

13. 10. 2021 0

Launch of the virtual exhibition “Coastal Transformations”

The “Coastal Transformations” virtual exhibition is the result of a three-year international research project funded by the EQUIP programme, a funding platform for Europe-India projects, coordinated in Slovenia by the Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. The project, as well as the exhibition, deals with coastal transforamtione and the impact of change…
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07. 10. 2021 0

The heritage sciences should look to the future rather than to the past

On the 27th of July, the third conference »Heritage as an instrument of connecting the sciences« was organized by Council for development at SAZU. Among others, the head of the program group Heritage on the margins Dr. Špela Ledinek Lozej highlighted the close connection between heritage and social, political, economic and ecological factors. Due to…
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03. 08. 2021 0

Walking the borders: Between oblivion, memory and history of the Carinthian ravines

Walking seems so natural, commonplace, and such a widespread human activity that it gets little attention.[1] We walk to get somewhere. And yet, between here and there, thoughts, emotions and physical feelings (may) lead to their own kind of renewed notions of the world, a re-understanding that comes close, even if it goes far or…
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14. 04. 2021 0

Discussions on statue removal at ACHC 2020 and beyond

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, another Earth-shattering event took place in 2020 – global unrest against racism under the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) banner that erupted over the killing of George Floyd in the USA. This unrest was, among other reactions, characterized by extensive media coverage of statues being removed around the world…
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18. 09. 2020 0

Living with Šavrinka

When, one September evening in 1994, we met Mrs. Tonina Vidali in Škofije, a woman who had travelled to central Istria for eggs in the period between the world wars, we recorded our first interview on the topic of migrant women workers in Istria almost twenty years ago, and we were given a copy of…
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18. 09. 2020 0

Tin Can Stories

Založba ZRC has published the book titled Zgodbe iz konzerve. Zgodovine predelave in konzerviranja rib na severovzhodnem Jadranu [Tin Can Stories. Histories of Processing and Conservation of Fish in the Northeastern Adriatic]. The publication, fresh in form and content, albeit soaked with the smell of fish, is a result of multiple international and national-level projects and programmes, among…
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17. 09. 2020 0

Walking seminar 1 : Sečovlje – Škofije

In January 2020, within the frame of the »Heritage on the margins. New perspectives on heritage and identity within and beyond national« program group at ZRC SAZU, we undertook the first “walking seminar “- a type of ethnographic walk between the Secovlje and Spodnje Škofije. We loosely followed two marked trails – part of the…
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