Author: Rok Mrvič

The Uncharted Territory of Linguistic Heritage

In November 2015, the inscription of the speeches along the Čabranka and Upper Kolpa rivers[1] appeared in the Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage,[2] officially recognising these dialects as part of the intangible cultural heritage in Slovenia. This was followed by 6 other similar inscriptions of language or dialect units, the last of which was the…
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18. 07. 2023 0

Two articles in the 51st volume of the journal Traditiones

All three issues of the 51st volume of Traditiones have recently been published online and in print. In the first issue (51/1) we can read the article Mother Language as Intangible Cultural Heritage? The Problem of Linguistic Heritage on the Example of Inscriptions in the Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage, in which Rok Mrvič discusses…
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18. 04. 2023 0