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Dialect Terminology for Corn and Corn-related Tasks

The arrival of corn to the region Corn is a cereal crop introduced from the Americas to Europe (more specifically to Spain) at the end of the 15th century. Corn arrived in the region inhabited by Slovenes in the 17th century, when it was passed on by the Italians in Friuli, Gorizia and the Zilja…
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19. 07. 2023 0

International scientific meeting dedicated to academician Goran Filipi

Tjaša Jakop (Fran Ramovša Institute of Slovenian Language ZRC SAZU) participated in International scientific conference of Italian Studies in Honor of Academician Goran Filipi (1954 – 2021) in Bale, Croatia (October 21th-22th 2022) with the paper Slovenian-Croatian linguistic contact in the Slovenian Linguistic Atlas, which in last decade also includes the local dialects of Banfi,…
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22. 12. 2022 0

The 4th Slovene Dialectology Conference (CDC 4)

Tjaša Jakop participated in the 4th Slovene Dialectology Conference (Sln. 4. Slovenski dialektološki posvet), which was held as part of Ramovš Week (Sln. Ramovšev teden) on Thursday and Friday, September 22-23, 2022, in the Prešeren Hall of SAZU (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts) at Novi trg 4 in Ljubljana. The conference presented the work…
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