Author: Janoš Ježovnik

Scientific monograph Glasovne in naglasne značilnosti terskega narečja published

The Založba ZRC publishing house has just published Janoš Ježovnik’s scientific monograph Glasovne in naglasne značilnosti terskega narečja [Phonologic and Accentual Features of the Tersko Dialect]. The book features an areal study of phonetic and accentual features of the Tersko dialect of Slovene, spoken in the western part of the region Beneška Slovenija/Slavia Veneta. The…
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21. 06. 2022 0

The Franček language portal launches

Tuesday, 14 September saw the official launch of Franček, a new Slovenian language portal for youngsters, which took place in the Atrium of the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The portal was designed by researchers of the Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language within the scope of the project…
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15. 09. 2021 0

Conference on the Minorities between standard language and dialects

The Minorities between Standard Language and Dialects/Minoranze tra lingua standard e dialetti conference took place on Friday, 3 September 2021 in San Pietro al Natisone (Špeter, San Pieri), the unofficial centre of the Natisone Valleys, and was organised by the Institute for Slovenian Culture. As part of the activities marking the 20th anniversary of the…
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08. 09. 2021 0

Reflections of language contact in dialectal word formation

It would seem that language contact always induces change. History does not provide instances of speech communities which adjoined one another, still less which intermingled, and where the languages of each community remained unchanged. Hickey 2010: 7 The Tersko dialect, the westernmost dialect of Slovene, belongs to the Primorska/Littoral dialectal group. It is spoken in…
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18. 09. 2020 0

Martina Bofulin a keynote speaker at the PAGODE semantic workshop

Martina Bofulin was invited to give a keynote presentation at the online semantic workshop organized by the Department for Asian Studies at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana within the framework of the PAGODE project. The aim of the workshop with speakers from Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, and Slovenia was to create…
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18. 08. 2020 0

Sacred Journeys Online Global Conference

Between 29th June and 3rd July, University of Primorska and University of Indiana organized the 7th international conference dedicated to pilgrimage and tourism, entitled Sacred Journeys. Due to the circumstances, instead of going to Piran (Slovenia), the participants spent five mornings, afternoons or evenings – depending on the participants’ time zone – in front of…
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18. 07. 2020 0

Roundtable discussion Slavia Veneta, so close, yet so far

On 22 January 2020, the programme group Heritage on the Margins and the Slovenian Migration Institute of ZRC SAZU coorganized a round-table discussion entitled Benečija, tako blizu in tako daleč [Slavia Veneta, so close, yet so far], which took place in the ZRC Atrium in Ljubljana. The event was inspired by the film Zgodbe iz…
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24. 01. 2020 0

International Conference Food Heritage at the Crossroads of the Alps and the Adriatic

Olives and sauerkraut, fish and sausage, wine and milk – it’s hard to imagine all these things coming together on one table. The natural geographical diversity and the historical transience of the area between the Northern Adriatic and the Eastern Alps have contributed to differences and similarities in food ingredients, diets, symbolic and ritual dimensions,…
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30. 10. 2019 0