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Workshop “Global China from the ground up”, Ljubljana, June 8, 2023

Given the triple winds of geopolitical tension, authoritarian retrenchment and pandemic management divergences between China and the rest of the world, it has however become more difficult to accurately study and understand how Chinese state-owned and private multinationals manage their relatively new forms of investments in the form of sprawling networks of subsidiaries, acquisitions, joint…
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19. 01. 2024 0

Reading mountains – Brati gore Leggere le montagne – Lire les montagnes – Berge lesen

Since 2015, the Alpine Convention, in cooperation with various partners, has been celebrating International Mountain Day on 11 December with the Reading Mountains Festival festival. On 7th december ZRC SAZU participated at the festival in Kobarid, where, together with the Posočje Developmnet Agency (Slov. Posoški razvojni center) and the Ecomuseum of Gemona, it co-organised the…
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Sow the Future, Harvest Communities: 20th Anniversary of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

With the motto “Sow the Future, Harvest Communities” (ital. Seminare futuro, raccogliere comunità) the Archive of Ethnography and Social History (ital. Archivio di Etnografia e Storia Sociale) of the Lombardy Region celebrated the 20th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage on November 9, 2023. The morning session featured…
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14. 11. 2023 0

Route Biographies

International seminar On 29 March 2023, an international seminar “Route biographies” was held in the framework of the project “Route biographies: walking and writing as methods for researching border regions” (ARRS, J6-4611). An introduction of the project by project leader Nataša Rogelja Caf was followed by a keynote lecture “Walking seminars – embodied research in…
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04. 05. 2023 0

Photography exhibition by France Stele in Udine

On May 5 2023 at 11 a.m., the opening of France Stele’s photographic exhibition about the Ukve/Ugovizza Alpine pastures will take place in the Friuli Ethnographic Museum (Museo etnografico del Friuli) in Udine. The photographs, recorded on black and white film, show images of a past life when during the summer the inhabitants from the…
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03. 05. 2023 0

The textile heritage in the Alps

At the end of January (23rd January 2023), the kick-off meeting and the public presentation of the AlpTextyles project, co-funded by the Interreg Alpine Space Program, took place at ZRC SAZU, where we will, among other things, identify and document the textile heritage of the Alps with the aim to develop innovative solutions for locale…
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Lecture Unexpected landscapes: Contested histories and narratives by artist and researcher Leone Contini

On November 23rd 2022, the program group Heritage on the margins: new perspectives on heritage and identity within and beyond nationalorganized a lecture Unexpected landscapes: Contested histories and narratives by Italian artist and researcher Leone Contini. The lecture was organized as a part of his exhibition in the Match Gallery. Leone Contini, whose work focuses on the intersections of…
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Photography exhibition by France Stele

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the continuous operation of the Slovenian Cultural Center Planika (Slovensko kulturno središče Planika/Centro culturale Stella Alpina) in the Canale Valley (Slov. Kanalska dolina) in Italy the photographic exhibition about the Ugovizza/Ukve alpine pastures was put on display in the old dairy in Ugovizza (Slov. Ukve). The photographs by France…
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24. 10. 2022 0

Pasts and presents of common property

On October 21, 2022, Špela Ledinek Lozej led a round table in the Xcenter Collective property as an opportunity for the future, as part of the RETHINKABLE Cross-Border Festival of Transformative Economies and Territorail Communities, co-organized by the University of Udine  (Nadia Carestiato and Lucia Piani), the University of Nova Gorica (Nikita Peresin Meden) and…
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22. 10. 2022 0

Heritage of Alpine cheeses

On October 3, 2022, Špela Ledinek Lozej participated in the Round Table on Alpine Cheese at the 12th Annual Conference of the European Farmhouse and Artisan Cheese and Dairy Producers European Network in Bohinjska Bistrica (Slovenia), dedicated to the past and future of Alpine cheese production. Together with Maurizio Tondolo from the Ecomuseum in Gumin/Gemona…
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